Welcome to my author site!

Let me start by introducing myself.  I am an author in the making who has a volume of books worth of information and knowledge to share.  I have created this site for a couple of reasons.  One is that I quite literally cannot wait until my book is finished to get some of the messages I have to share out into the world.  This site offers me the perfect opportunity to do just that.  The second reason I created this website is to build a relationship with you, my reader.  It is through the support and interest from people like you that my work develops meaning.  So right now, let me take a moment to say…Thank You for your interest and desire to come along this journey with me! 

Within the pages of this site, I strive to offer you helpful information that you can use to impact your life in positive and beneficial ways.  I also invite you to come along my journey of becoming a prominent published author, as I work to build a strong, supportive and positively impacting life coaching practice.  I think it might help others along their own path if they see a little bit of what it takes to put your most treasured dreams into a living reality.  As it stands now, I am learning on the fly.  My intention is to share the ups and downs of this amazing adventure with all of you as I set sail on my second greatest voyage.  The first being the birth of my daughter, nearly 15 years ago. 

Within the dropdown menu of the home button, you will find three options.  The first one houses golden nuggets of information and insight in my Tidbit section.  These posts are great for people who either don’t have a lot of time for reading, or who aren’t much of a reader.  Within this section, my goal is to share little treasures of the knowledge that I have gained from my years of research and work within my practice.  Then smack dab in the middle of this row sits the Sign Up section, where you are invited to join the Life Coach Jessica Community!  As my work blossoms and grows, you will be the first in line to receive fun products and promotional offers, as well as the latest big news events concerning my journey.  I also send a free monthly newsletter from my Endless Possibilities Life Coaching Services practice. By signing up to join the Life Coach Jessica community, you will be included in these monthly editions. I have a lot of great plans in the works for my community, and I would love to see you become a part of it!  The third box on my homepage is the location of my What’s New? section.  This section keeps you in the know with all of my latest adventures.

  But that’s not all this site has to offer!

 Get to know me by following my blog.  I invite you to journey along my path of writing my first book, owning a life coaching practice, setting out to work with a major publisher, networking with amazing new people, and becoming a published author.  All while trying to attend to my previous duties of being a mom to a teenage daughter, parent to four furry friends, and maid-cook-laundry doer-problem solver-and nature lover.  By following this site, you will also get the first peek of my Mastering Our Human Condition book and mission!  Within this section, you will find book excerpts and exciting information on my work in progress! 

Come join the fun! 

Relish in life’s natural wonders, learn a few things along the way, and travel with me as I navigate the twists and turns of working to live a life of my dreams. 


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