My respite is over!

JS Spirit has some exciting news and amazing updates after her recent break from society.

First off, I would like to say welcome and Thank You to all my recent blog followers.  I am excited to have you along this journey.  As you may know, if you follow my Instagram account @js_spirit_author, I have been on a respite from life and social media for a couple of weeks.  Due to the extreme emotional challenges of the last six months, I was in desperate need of a complete break.  With the most recent challenge of my husband’s mother overcoming a near death experience, my own health was starting to come into jeopardy.  My vital signs were bouncing all over the place, and I was super fried on an emotional capacity.  This meant that the smallest, little upsets that come as a part of everyday modern life felt like huge boulders set to crush the last remaining shred of zest that I had.  Thankfully, as it truly always does, I made it!  Just after the ending of a difficult school year for my daughter, a challenging after school dance schedule that required two hours of travel time a day, and the miraculous recovery of my mother-in-law, I tapped out.  Now, I am sitting here on a bed of ideas, looking at the computer screen feeling the pain of the cartoon man above.

However, I am really happy to be back at work.  After the recharging break, I have a refreshed zest and increased gusto to charge through the challenges ahead to meet my goals.  As was the case when I began this online adventure, I am making big steps in the ways of my life coaching practice, also on Instagram @endless_possibilities_lcs.  I have made some price and service adjustments, all in the favor of my clients.  I am also REALLY excited to announce that I am searching for office space in the downtown district of my hometown.  These are exciting times and I look forward to sharing them all with you.

As an update on the miracle that is my mother-in-law, she is home now after six long and VERY challenging weeks in the hospital.  Although she is still under the outpatient care of a home nurse, occupational therapist, and physical therapist…she is doing AMAZING!  There is no residual damage from the hour long lack of oxygen, or from the paralysis medication.  She has regained enough core strength to be able to stand up, walk, and function normally without the aid of more than a cane.  Her spirit is so strong, and the love that has blossomed from her family has been an overwhelmingly joyous experience.  Her story really is one for the medical record books, and we are all so grateful for the miracles in timing and Divine intervention that made her recovery possible.

My goal is to post a continuation to the ‘White Rabbit Syndrome’ story tomorrow.  However, if the back to work struggles are still strong, it may be next Wednesday.  Again, I am grateful for all the recent influx of support and interest in my work and my journey.  I do post themed things to my Instagram pages, and I am about to launch a new summer social media platform, so go follow or click on the link from this site.  Thank you all!  Wishing everyone an amazing week ahead.

Author: Life Coach and Consultant Jessica

I am a Certified Life Coach with a passion for helping people live happier, healthier lives. My ultimate goal in life is to make this world a better place. I believe that starting with the self and family(at the individual level), is the most effective and life-lasting way to accomplish this dream. I offer a variety of life coaching services at my Endless Possibilities Life Coaching Services practice with an office location right in the heart of Downtown Deland. If you would like to reach me for life coaching, writing, workshop, or speaking (386)507-9300 or send me an email at

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