JS Spirit is at it again, read all about her recent life challenges and gain some insight on the empowering way she is choosing to view it.

So up until this year, I don’t think I would have believed in the sentiment of this quote. However, as life experience so frequently does, it opened my eyes and mind to the truth within this perspective.  It has again been two weeks since my last post. In that posting, I was talking about feeling as though I was the bicyclist upon the tight rope.  I have at least five very separate and very distinct life roles I play everyday.  One is a mom, the other is a business owner, the third is a dreamer/aspiring author, the fourth is a constant caregiver/housekeeper, and the fifth is a teenage transporter (this is my least favorite one of all).  These are just the hats I wear on a daily basis.  As busy lives seem to embody, unexpected and pressing things frequently pop up.  As they do, I am the person those responsibilities fall onto.  So, it is yet another hat with its own separate and unique responsibilities that I must wear.  Needless to say ( and I am confident that I am not alone in this scenario), I get a little tired and sometimes feel overwhelmed. 

This is a challenging lifestyle for anyone to maintain, but I think it brings its own set of challenges when you are a personality (like me) who thrives on calm and easy going energy.  Well, recent events have really tested my will to endure and my ability to thrive. Back in November of 2017, a very close family friend (the man who the ‘Gone, but not forgotten’ post is about) went into the hospital.  During that difficult week and the months following his unhappy stay, I was his primary caregiver and dog sitter.  Then my daughter and I came down with the flu in January.  Pop’s ended up back in the hospital at this same time.  We didn’t go see him because we did not want to add to his problems.  He ended up passing away the first weekend in February.  Also in November, my father-in-law had a stroke, just two days after Pop’s was released from his first stay.  Thankfully, my father-in-law was able to receive some potent medication which removed all effects of the stroke.  In the months between January to March, my daughter had some school issues, our truck required an expensive repair, and my poor dog is dealing with a recurrent skin allergy.  All the while, we are pressing along as positively as possible.  Truly feeling like each hurdle would surely be the last.  Then, just a couple of weeks ago, my mother-in-law had a very critical, life-threatening health situation that landed her in ICU.  Thankfully, and probably only because of the intervention of God and the power of miracles, she is alive.  However, this last event has spiraled off a new set of minor, but still significant life challenges.  My point to all of this…I now see the truth and validity within this quote.

Life truly does test the measure of one’s will when there is nothing to challenge or engage it AND life equally challenges a person’s will when life is full throttle with no sign of releasing its pressure hold.  When we are unengaged, it can become very easy to slip away into a sort of mundane existence.  When we enter into this space, life can seem dull and uninteresting.  Some people may find themselves in a hum-drum lull, often having no clear vision or direction for their own life.  This time challenges the human will by asking the person to step up and create the pathway of their life.  It asks people to take control over the passion and purpose to their existence.  Although this can be a fun and exciting task, it can also be challenging and require a lot of inner self-work. 

At other times within your life, you may find yourself on the other end of the spectrum…too much all of the time.  This is when people run the risk of burning out and falling victim to stress-related health issues.  A person’s will is tested most in the areas of endurance and mastery over their own human condition.  It takes a strong soul to rise from the ashes, and an enduring one to fly calmly amid the storm.  This is the ways in which our human will is tested.  To me, this is the meaning behind this blog’s quote.

I know I wouldn’t have been able to get through these challenging times without first overcoming many of my own not so pleasant human conditions.  Thankfully, I worked hard on healing and properly learning more positive ways to address life’s issues during my ‘nothing happening’ stage.  Because of the self-mastery on the weakest parts of myself, I was able to use my well established boundaries, increased value in the need to say no, and practice self-care as a way to try to maintain the highest sense of balance that I could during these extreme times.  Now mind you, these things have not come without hard decisions and strong positions, but they have given me the ability to endure.  These are the reasons I value self-work and learning the tools and resources we need to overcome the hardships within our human condition.

The other important and primary thing that has gotten me through both of these challenging phases to life is my faith in God.  My need to understand and connect with this omnipresent, omnipotent, higher power was what lead me to the research I have done in the study of science, love, and energy.  Although I can attach the science and my research findings to the presence and realness of God, it is the support and encouragement God offers within my every day life that has made my faith strong and given me the complete and present ability to stay in tact as I muster through these current happenings.

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