The HC Project

Welcome to the HC Project page.  HC stands for Human Condition, which is the book that I am currently working on.  Not only is writing this book a project, but I have a goal to make it a mission.  The messages, information and practical tips that are offered within this book can be truly life-changing.  It is my goal to create a Human Condition series.  This series would highlight different aspects of our human condition and provide love-based knowledge and guidance throughout.  This page is dedicated to my current book and this mission.

Thank You

I hope you enjoy! 

Excerpt from Ch. 10 – Creating a Love-Based Awareness…

There are a couple of major differences between our body’s natural response to an action and reaction. These differences are as follows…


 An action is usually preplanned, at least to some extent, so there is a time of processing through our internal filter before we take the action from the idea, thought, impulse, suggestion, etc.

Actions often rely on the intellectual and practical aspects of ourselves, at least in some form or fashion.  As such, we have time to weigh out potential consequences and play around with ideas of what this action may bring our way.  This type of processing allows for a more controlled, aware, and conscientious form of our behavior.

It is often through our actions that our best self is able to shine forward.


Many reactions are spontaneous because they are a result of another’s words or actions. In this way, reactions are usually a response from us being caught off-guard.

Our reactions are most often processed instantaneously through our emotional and feeling center.  This filtering system is habitual and instinctual in nature.  This means that it doesn’t let in reason or intellect while processing through what is happening.  So, you end up responding in a way that is most comfortable and consistent for you, even if you know it is unhealthy and not in the way your intellectual self would want.  It is like being on autopilot, and autopilot is a collection of the influences during your upbringing, past personal experiences, and your current emotional – mental – and spiritual self.  This will usually work out okay if you have a calm and love-based emotional center that you filter life through. However, for those who are struggling to have a positive and loving awareness, this type of processing can lead to toxic and explosive reactions. This is most often the reason that unnecessary chaos ensues within human relationships.

Our reactions often reflect where we are at within our core at that present moment.

So, what can be done to buffer our reactionary self?

It is helpful and important to look for any patterns that are showing up within your reactions that may be causing conflict. The presence of patterns can offer a great deal of insight into the issues or personal upsets that we need to address.  They also offer a concrete foundation to make a change from.  If you are having trouble identifying patterns within your conflicts, or need help sorting out the meaning within the pattern – seek professional advice.

Be aware that change takes practice and patience.  We did not become who we are overnight, so it is not reasonable to think that all the things we want to change can be done immediately.  It takes time to break our old ways of doing things.  It requires practice to build new skills of healthier and more positive ways of approaching old situations, patterns, and habits.  Don’t get discouraged!  The process of practicing new skills is real and present for all of us.

Allow yourself time before you ‘react’ by putting up healthy boundaries between yourself and others.  For example, if there is a particular person that you seem to run into conflict with, give yourself the necessary time to answer their question, their call, their request, etc.  Although we live in a time of instantaneous contact and response, we don’t always have to engage in that.  Remember, reactions come as a knee-jerk response when we are caught off guard.  By putting up healthy boundaries to allow yourself the necessary time to think through and process all aspects of the information and situation, you can avoid a great deal of upset and heartache. 




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