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This is the forth post in this wintery series…wishing upon a star! In this series, I have talked about the value of making that initial wish. I’ve also spoken about the need to get clear about why you want this change or improvement within your life, and the unavoidable process of getting to work! Now it is time for the final stage of the wishing upon a star series.

So far, you have set your dreams free by bringing them to the surface of your mind. You’ve laid the foundation for your dreams by getting clear about what you want and why you want it. Then you got to work! You worked out the framework of your plan so you knew what action steps to take to make your dreams a living reality. So, now what? 

Well now you are in the work, refine, create, and redesign part of the process. This part of the process asks for focused flexibility. I know this sounds like a contradiction, but in working toward the realization of your dreams – it is a necessary contrast. You must remain focused on the long-term, big picture goals you hold. Otherwise, you are too likely to get derailed from the pathway that will lead you toward the realization of your dreams. However, if you remain too rigid in your forward movement, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities or necessary adjustments that need to be made.

Personally, I find this to be the most fun part of the entire process! This is because you are in the midst of your dreams becoming a true and living reality. Your dreams are finally out of your heart and head, and have become moving parts within the world around you. This is a very creative part of the wishing upon a star process. It is where you get a better sense of the day-to-day workings of your dreams, and gain a better feel for how those inner workings are going to fit into your current reality. This is where the flexibility comes to call. If you can be flexible in the pathway to your dreams, then you are better able to adapt to any unforeseen challenges along the way. It also becomes easier to etch a better and brighter path to your final destination.  

Remember, if you grow impatient, and try to rush through your journey, you will likely find unsteady footing and run the risk of unnecessary hardships along your way. If you move too slow and second-guess your ability, you may never see the complete fulfillment of your dreams. This makes the best pace one of moderation. For it allows for the most harmonious opportunity to act when it is proper, and to revisit and revise when necessary. Remember, you are building a life-lasting change toward the living reality of your most treasured dreams! Flexibility among the work, rework, creation, redesign part of the process is well worth the effort it requires. 

Here are the steps for making your dreams a living reality…

 1. Get clear about what you really want and why you want it.  This will be an important reference point as the possibilities and opportunities start to present themselves.  It can become easy to get derailed along the way.  However, if you have a clear outline of what you desire and why, you will always have that foothold to come back to.

2. Take some time to self-reflect about the possible ways your life may need to adjust in order for you to be able to reach your desired goals.  Again, you will not be able to foresee every twist and turn…after all, it is life…however, you should be able to identify some very real and likely ways your world is going to have to shift in order for you to start living it in a different and modified way. 

3. Do the work! Whatever this might be, it is time to do the work. Look at it as building the framework toward the realization of your dreams. There are skill sets you may need, past hurts that may need resolved, and new growth that is sure to occur. Don’t get discouraged, for all of this learning will be necessary for the steps that are to come your way. Just have patience and allow for this part of the process.

4. Be flexible as you work, refine, create, and redesign! Life is ever changing, and as such, the steps towards your life-long dreams will likely be shifting and adjusting too. For this reason, it is in your favor to be as flexible as possible while remaining focused along the path to the creation of your dreams.

If you would like help seeing your goals become a living reality, or wish to bring positive change and happy improvement to your current life challenges, call me – Life Coach Jessica at (386)507-9300.  You can also drop me an email at epcoachingservices@gmail.com.  My website is http://www.epcoachingservices.com. I offer phone, virtual, and in-office life coaching sessions. I am currently providing a FREE 15-minute in-office or phone consultation.



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