What’s New?

It’s a whole system makeover, from the website to social media accounts.  JS Spirit Author is NOW Life with Jess!

In an effort to try to reduce the numerous hats I’ve ben wearing this past year, I made the decision to do what I could to unite the work between my life coaching practice and the author work that I do.  The reality is that they both fall in line with helping people live happier, healthier lives.  The work I do as a Certified Life Coach deals primarily with practical life skill sets and new, healthier life perspectives on specific life issues.  The work I do as an author looks more at the study of love and energy and how these two very real and important things relate to our human condition.  Both of these avenues lead to positive change, and life-lasting results.  So, in a hopeful attempt to make my life easier, I decided to try something new!  Hence these sweeping changes.  My goal is to post to my author site weekly, with monthly blog posts…and most importantly…to have my first book completed by Dec. 2019!

You can follow my author accounts on Facebook and Instagram @lifewithjess.co to join in these adventures.  While there, check out my Endless Possibilities Life Coaching sites @endless_possibilities_lcs (Instagram), @epcoachingservices (FB), and my life coaching website http://www.epcoachingservices.com.  I will try to post a ‘Curiosity Question’ to my Life with Jess Community Facebook Group every Wednesday.  It’s easy to be a part of this fun little adventure, simply join the group.  It is open to everyone!


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